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Message from the Dean


    The School of Life Sciences at Jilin University grew out of the Department of Biology of Jilin University, which was established in 1960. After more than 50 years’ growth and development, it has become home to research and teaching focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of fundamentally important life processes. The school currently houses State and Ministry-level research platforms including the National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine and the Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology and Engineering, Ministry of Education. It possesses a highly respectful faculty of 40 full Professors (36 of them currently serve as mentors for PhD students), 34 Associate Professors and 19 Instructors. The school has doctorate-granting authorization at the first-level in the biology discipline. There are five doctorate-granting sub-fields, seven master’s degree-granting sub-fields and a post-doctoral research station. Within the School of Life Sciences are two departments (Department of Molecular Biology, and Department of Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy), two centers (National Demonstration Center for Biological Laboratory Teaching, and the Open Technology Center of the College of Life Sciences, Jilin University), one National Engineering Laboratory (National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine), one State-Local Government Co-sponsored Engineering Laboratory  (National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for the Breeding and Cultivation of Chinese Medicinal Herbs), one key laboratory of the Ministry of Education (Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology and Engineering, Ministry of Education), one National Base (National Training Base for Life Sciences and Technology). The college also has one National Key Discipline (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), two Provincial Key Disciplines (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy), with more than 1000 students enrolled at college and graduate levels.

    With more than 50 years’ growth and development, as well as the persistent endeavor and investment of intelligence, pains and modesty by several generations of biology faculty at Jilin University, we ushered in the current great situation. Past experience told us that teaching is the eternal mission of a higher educational institution; individual disciplines form the bodies, talents constitute the core, platforms provide the guarantee, projects create the scaffold with which we achieve great-leap-forward development and, harmony lays the base to enjoy our achievements. These are memories about the 50 years of developing history, as well as current consensus and the source of motivation for future endeavor.

    The School will adhere to the “Work Happily and Live Happily” school principle, continue to provide the cultural atmosphere for freedom, democracy, practicality and positiveness. We will focus on education and research, together as a team with one mind, to make contributions to the research and education of life sciences, as well as the economic growth of our country.

    We sincerely welcome students and young talents over the entire country to come to study in our School, and academic elites all over the world to join us on a tour to bring the School of Life Sciences at Jilin University to a new stage


School of life science, Jilin University



    The predecessor of the School of Life Sciences is the Department of Biology in Jilin University. During 50 years of efforts, remarkable achievements have been made that 2 Scientific research platforms have been established, the National Engineering Laboratory of AIDS Vaccine and the Key Laboratory of Molecular Enzyme Engineering, Ministry of Education.

    Our faculty consists of 40 professors (including 36 Doctoral tutors), 34 associate professors and 19 Lecturers. Among them, one is the selectee of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts;, Ministry of Education, China. There are 11 Tang Aoqing Specially-appointed Professors of Jilin University, 1 National Teaching Master winner and 5 selectees in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET).

    Currently, our school is the first-class doctorate-granting unit, including 5 Doctorate-granting subjects, 7 Master’s degree-granting subjects and one Post-doctoral research station.

    School of Life Sciences presently has 2 departments, 2 centers, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 national & local united engineering laboratory, 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 1 national personnel training center, as followings:

Department of Molecular Biology,

Department of Microbiology and Biochemical Medicine;

National Biological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and Public Technology Center of Jilin University;

National Engineering Laboratory of AIDS Vaccine;

National & Local United Engineering Laboratory of Chinese Herbal Medicine Breeding and Cultivation;

Key Laboratory of Molecular Enzyme Engineering, Ministry of Education;

National Personnel Training Center of Life Sciences and Technology.

    Over 50 years of development, we endure, strive and make great achievements with our intelligence, efforts and modesty. For great-leap-forward development It is said that education is the foundation, discipline is the frame, talents are the essential part, platforms are the ensurement, projects are the support. And the harmony is the premise to reach the goal. These are our memories about our history, and the principles and motivation of our work in the future.

     “Happy Work, Happy Life” is the principle in our school to provide a manner with freedom, democracy, practicality and enterprise. We will focus on the cultivation of the talents with our unity, effort and strong mind, to devote ourselves for the development of the education in Life Sciences and the construction of our country.

    All students are welcome to study in our school, and the scholars are to join and work with us. And we believe, our effort and unity will bring a bright future to the School of Life Sciences of Jilin University.


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