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National Engineering Laboratory AIDS Vaccine (NELAV)



    National Engineering Laboratory  AIDS Vaccine (NELAV) at Jilin University is the only National Engineering lab in AIDS research field approved by National Development and Reform Commission.  The total  funding  for building and initiation of NELAV is 59,000,000 RMB.     NELAV occupies a 5,500 square meters lab, which was built according to the international standard, and a 1,200 square meters pilot production study platform to test the feasibility of industrial production. The lab equipped with more than 400 state-of-art research instruments, which has a total value of 25,000,000 RMB.     The entire lab is organized as three major research sub-divisions , one shared information and resource administration division, one vaccine sample pilot production facility and one clinical-trial study division at Guangxi Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Our research area covers the entire process of the design, production and test of new vaccine.

    Our combined DNA-protein/prime-boost AIDS vaccine was the first vaccine entered clinical trial in China. The Phase I clinical trial has been successfully completed; Phase II clinical trial is ongoing and expected to be finished in 2-3 years.    Currently, 40 investigators are working in NELAV and 19 of them have senior professional title. There are also 7 adjunct professors.    During last two years, 6 students got their master degree, 5 students received their Ph. D. degree and 2 post-doctoral fellows finished their training in this lab. 27 M.S. candidates,19 Ph. D. candidates are enrolled for their graduate study,and 1 post-doctoral fellow is currently working here. More than 20 visiting scholars from different universities and institutes are performing or have performed research in several collaboration programs.



Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology Engineering

the Ministry of Enducation



     Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology and Engineering of the Ministry of Education (MEE), which is located in Jilin University, was established under the authority of the Ministry of Education in 1999. Prof. Wei Kong is the director of this laboratory and Prof., academician, Zhixin Wang is the director of the laboratory Academic Committee. Over the last five years, the laboratory has exhibited its excellence in the field of molecular enzymology and engineering. It has won worldwide recognition in the corresponding field through achievements in research, attendance of academic conferences and communication nationwide and internationally.

     The laboratory has its expertise in biochemistry and molecular biology and has since 2005 received financial support from the state “211 program”, “985 program” and industries. It has been in charge of a variety of state key projects and projects from the programs issued by the Ministry of Science & Technique, the Ministry of Education, provincial or municipal governments. The lab is authorized by the Ministry of Education to carry out the postgraduate education programs leading to master and doctoral degree as well as post-doctoral training. Until now, a great number of postgraduates and postdoctoral scholars have completed their studies or training from the laboratory. Over 200 research papers have been published in journals such as Journal of Biological Chemistry etc. Being chief editors, members of this lab have also published 5 books and 1 graduate text book.

     On this rapid developing foundation, driven by a desire to find the molecular explanation for basic biological phenomena, the laboratory's interests have widened and grown to embrace an evericreasing diversity of areas such as genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics etc.  nterdisciplinary research is not only possible, but expected. Scientists here have established broad collaborations with related institutions in the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France etc. Meanwhile, the laboratory  is calling talented young scientists from all over the world to joint the lab or make collaboration of any kind.

      The main mission for this laboratory is of basic or application-oriented basic researches, with expertise in the field of molecular enzymology and enzyme engineering. Under the supervision of the leading scientists in biochemistry and closely related disciplines from the Academic Commission, the laboratory has implemented its own research objective as, taking the advantages in disciplines integration, to explore the new functions and new properties of enzyme and to discover new type of biocatalysts, based upon the understanding of the structure and function of natural enzymes and, ultimately, to develop the theories and methods of the enzyme catalysis and enzyme engineering.

    Under the support of the university and from the “211 Program” and the “985 program” of the Ministry of Education, the laboratory has built up an environment for professional development, aiming at not only training the young scientists inside the lab but also attracting those reputable scientists from all over the world to join the research team. The laboratory recognizes that highly-qualified scientists are the prerequisite of outstanding research. Over the last few years, a number of young scientists returned from countries like U.S.A. and Canada to join the lab. These well-trained young scientists have become the new blood for vigorous scientific researches. 

     Besides training and supporting talented and motivated young scientists, the laboratory emphasizes on the education for postgraduates. A large number of postgraduates who have completed their studies in this laboratory have proven their excellence in research and/or teaching in either universities or research institutes nationwide. From 2005 to 2012, there are 252 M.Sc. graduates, 117 Ph.D. graduates and 6 post-doctors finished their training in the laboratory.

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