HU Xin


                             Xin Hu , Ph.D

Associate Professor, School of Life Science, Jilin University

Email: huxin@jlu.edu.cn

Life Science Building, Jilin University, Qianjin Street No.2699, Changchun, P. R. China,

Zip Code:130012

Scientific research field description

Dr. Hu has devoted to the research of Epigenetics since 2006, focusing on the function and epigenetic mechanisms of histone lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) in hematopoiesis. Epigenetic modifications play an important role in chromatin organization and gene expression. Her research firstly demonstrated that TAL1 is associated with LSD1 histone demethylase complex and established the model of molecular transformation mechanism between histone modification enzymes and transcription factors. The finding showed that histone lysine demethylase LSD1 dynamically and negatively regulates erythroid differentiation by converting the expression of erythroid specific proteins and revealed the epigenetic mechanism that LSD1 regulates the hematopoiesis. These research were published on PNAS、 Blood、Oncogene、Epigenetics,etc. Dr. Hu also presides over the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholars, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Jilin Provincial Foundation for Young Scholars. She won the Jilin Province Natural Science Academic Achievements Award,Award of Jilin Province for Progress in Science and Technology,the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Jilin Province and the Jilin Province Talent Project. Dr. Hu’s group will continually focus on the mechanism through which phosphorylation mediates the dynamic interaction between TAL1 and LSD1. The discovery of this proposed study will further contribute to our understanding of protein phosphorylation regulating histone modification.

Representative papers

1. Xin Hu, Xingguo Li, Kristell Valverde, Xueqi Fu, Suming Huang, LSD1-mediated  epigenetic modification is required for TAL1 function and hematopoiesis.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2009, June 23, Vol.106, No.25, 10141-10146

2. Xin Hu, River Ybarra, Yi Qiu and Suming Huang, Transcriptional regulation by TAL1: A link between epigenetic modifications and erythropoiesis.

Epigenetics, 2009, August 16, Vol. 4, 357-361

3. Xingguo Li, Xin Hu, Gary Felsenfeld, Suming Huang,

H4R3 methylation facilitates beta-globin transcription by regulating histone acetyltransferase binding and H3 acetylation.

Blood, 2010, Mar 11, Vol.115 (10): 2028-2037

4. Tong Lin, Alison Ponn, Xin Hu, Brian K Law, Jianrong Lu.Requirement of the Histone Demethylase LSD1 in Snail-mediated Transcriptional Repression durig Epithelial -Mesenchymal Transition.

Oncogene. 2010 Sep 2; 29 (35): 4896 – 4904

5. Li Y, Deng C, Hu X, Patel B, Fu X, Qiu Y, Brand M, Zhao K, Huang S. Dynamic interaction between TAL1 oncoprotein and LSD1 regulates TAL1 function in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis

Oncogene.  2012 Nov 29; 31 (48): 5007 – 5018




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