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Xu Yue ,Ph.D.

Associate Professors, School of Life Science, Jilin University

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Life Science Building, Jilin University, Qianjin Street No.2699,Changchun,P. R. China,

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Scientific research field description

Molecular Systematics and Phylogeography of Plants: Integrate information from morphology and DNA sequences to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships within plant species or genus. Use the phylogeny as a basis to elucidate the origin, migration and evolution of the plant.

Ancient Plant DNA: Developing effective and efficient methods for ancient plant DNA extraction, PCR amplification, contamination controls and ancient DNA authentication; Questions of interest relating to origin and spread of agriculture, and crop evolution.


Representative papers

1、Chunxiang Li, Diane L. Lister, Hongjie Li, Yue Xu, Yinqiu Cui, Mim A. Bower, Martin K. Jones, Hui Zhou. (2011) Ancient DNA analysis of desiccated wheat grains excavated from a Bronze Age cemetery in Xinjiang, Journal of Archaeological Science. 38: 115-119

2、Gao SZ, Yang YD, Xu Y, Zhang QC, Zhu H, Zhou H. (2007) Tracing the Genetic History of the Chinese People: Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of a Neolithic Population from the Lajia Site. Am J Phys Anthropol. 133: 1128-1136

3、Yue Xu, Xiaolei Zhang, Yinqiu Cui, Quanchao Zhang, Hui Zhou,Hong Zhu. (2006) Genetic Structure Analysis of Human Remains from Khitan Noble Necropolis. Chem Res Chinese U. 22(2): 123-128

4、XU Yue, ZHANG Xiao-lei, ZHANG Quan-chao, CUI Yin-qiu, ZHOU Hui, ZHU Hong. (2006) Mitochondriai DNA analysis of Turki human remain. J Jilin Univ Med. 32(2): 248-250

5、XU Yue, ZHANG Xiao-lei, ZHANG Quan-chao, CUI Yin-qiu, ZHOU Hui, ZHU Hong. (2006) Genetic Relationship between Ancient Khitan and Modern Daur. J Jilin Univ Sci. 44(6): 997-1000

6、SHENG Yan-min, XU Yue, LIAO Jun-jie, WU Ying-jie, LI Yan-fang. (2006) PCR Characters of a Recombined Tgo DNA Polymerase. J Jilin Univ Sci. 44(6): 1008-1010

7、SHENG Yan-min, XU Yue, WU Ying-jie. (2005) Biochemical Characters of Tubulin in Pollens from Day Lily. J Jilin Univ Sci. 27(6): 627-630

8、SHENG Yan-min, XU Yue, LIAO Jun-jie, WU Ying-jie, LI Yan-fang. (2005) Polymerase Chain Reaction Fidelity of Novel Tgo DNA Polymerase. J Jilin Univ Sci. 43(1): 101-105

9、CUI Yin-qiu, XU Yue, YANG Yi-dai, XIE Cheng-zhi, ZHU Hong, ZHOU Hui. (2004) Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism analysis of district of Lubunour at the Bronze Age in Xinjiang,J Jilin Univ Med. 30(4): 650-652



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