DONG Yan,Ph.D.

  Professor, School of Life Science, Jilin University




  Life Science Building, Jilin University, Qianjin Street    NO.2699,Changchun,P. R. China,

  Postal Code:130012

Scientific research field description

Dr. Dong’s primary research interests focused on the mechanisms i  nvolved in resistance of prostate cancer to hormone (androgen-deprivation) therapy and developing effective approaches to prevent prostate cancer or to overcome resistance to hormone therapy.       

Representative papers

1. Dong Y, Lee S, Zhang H, Marshall JR, Gao AC, Ip C. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) expression is down-regulated by selenium through disruption of androgen receptor signaling. Cancer Res., 64:19, 2004.

2. Dong Y, Zhang H, Gao AC, Marshall JR, Ip C. Androgen receptor signaling intensity is a key factor in determining the sensitivity of prostate cancer cells to selenium inhibition of growth and cancer-specific biomarkers. Mol. Cancer Ther., 4:1047, 2005.

3. Zhang H, Wu Y, Malewicz B, Lu J, Li S, Marshall JR, Ip C, Dong Y. Augmented suppression of androgen receptor signaling by a combination of alpha-tocopheryl succinate and methylseleninic acid. Cancer, 107:2942, 2006.

4. Liu S, Zhang H, Zhu L, Zhao L, Dong Y. KLF 4 is a novel mediator of selenium in growth inhibition.  Mol. Cancer Re., 6:306, 2008.

5. Liu S, Qi Y, Ge Y, Duplessis T, Rowan BG, Ip C, Cheng H, Rennie PS, Horikawa I, Lustig AJ, Yu Q, Zhang H, and Dong Y. Telomerase as an important target of androgen-signaling blockade for prostate cancer treatment.  Mol. Cancer Ther., 9:2016, 2010

6. Gao R, Zhao L, Liu X, Rowan BG, Wabitsch M, Edwards DP, Nishi Y, Yanase T, Yu Q, Dong Y. Methylseleninic Acid is a Novel Suppressor of Aromatase Expression.  J Endocrinol., 212:199, 2012.

7. Cao B, Liu X, Li J, Liu S, Qi Y, Xiong Z, Zhang A, Wiese T, Fu X, Gu J, Rennie PS, Sartor O, Lee BR, Ip C, Zhao L, Zhang H, and Dong Y. 20(S)-Protopanaxadiol-aglycone Downregulation of the Full-length and Splice Variants of Androgen Receptor.  Int. J. Cancer, 132:1277, 2013.

8. Zhan Y, Cao B, Qi Y, Liu S, Zhang Q, Zhou W, Xu D, Lu H, Sartor O, Kong W, Zhang H, and Dong Y. Methylselenol Prodrug Enhances MDV3100 Efficacy for Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.  Int. J. Cancer, 2013 Apr 11. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28202. [Epub ahead of print].

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