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Research Interests

The research field is plant stress biology especially in wild and cultivated medicinal plant of Changbai mountain. Involved in the genetic structure, epigenetic analysis and secondary metabolites of the wild and cultivated varieties under different environment as well as kinship analysis, medicinal plant ecology , protection and breeding, etc.

Representative papers


Editor in chief:

• Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone.
• Series on Biological Diversity in Changbai Mountain (Volume I): Flowering Plants in Changbai Mountain.
• Series on Biological Diversity in Changbai Mountain (Volume II):Common Woody Plants and Ferns in Changbai Mountain.
• Involved Editing.
• Biological Resources of Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone


Six publications most closely related to proposal:

1. Yan-fei Liu, Rong-jun Fan, Pan-pan Yu, Wei Zhao, Ming Xing, Zhen-xiang Yu and Xia Chen*. Identification of environmental stress-inducible genes in Rhododendron aureum Ge  orgi (Ericaceae) located on Changbai mountain using mRNA differential display .International Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, Vol.11 (1): 871-874. 2013.

2. Xiaojuan Qi, Ensi Wang and Xia Chen. Molecular Characterization of Bacterial Population in the Rumex Patientia Rhizosphere Soil of Jilin, China . Research Journal of BioTechnology,Vol. 8(11), November 2013:64-71 

 3. Xiaojuan Qi, Jianwei Lv, Ensi Wang and Xia Chen. Change in enzyme activities and soil properties of different altitudes of Changbai Mountain, China in rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil of  Rhododendron chrysanthum Pall. Research Journal of BioTechnology, 2013,8(10):71-78

 4. Xiaojuan Qi,Ensi Wang,Ming Xing,Wei Zhao,Xia Chen. Rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere bacterial community composition of the wild medicinal plant Rumex patientia. World J Microbiol Biotechnol (2012) 28:2257–2265
 5. Yan-Fei Liu, Ming Xing, Wei Zhao, Rong-Jun Fan, Su Luo, Xia Chen. Genetic Diversity Analysis of Rhododendron aureum Georgi (Ericaceae) located Changbai Mountain with ISSR and RAPD markers, Plant Systematics and Evolution, 2012, 298:921–930

6. Yingda Du,Ming xing, Zhiyong.Yang, Yanfei Liu, Lijun Niu, Xia Chen. Genetic diversity caused by environmental stress in natural populations of Niupidujuan (Rhododendron chrysanthum ) , a species endemic to Changbai Mountain, Northeast China, as revealed by RAPD technique. Chemical Research in Chinese Universities, 2011, 27(4)641-645.

Five other significant publications:

1. Huaibin Shen, Jinzhong Niu, Xiaomin Li, Hongzhe Wang, Ming Xing, Xia Chen and Lin Song Li. Fabrication of ‘‘strong’’ columnar Cu2-xSe superstructures assisted by inorganic ligands. Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 2741-2747.

2. Zhang Feng-Chun, Zhao Meng, Yin Dandan, Luo Su and Chen Xia. Study on the differences in chemical compositions of various medicinal parts of Rumex patientia in different growth years by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) ,African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 10 (66), pp. 15084-15088, 26 October, 2011

3. Ming Xing, huaibin shen, wei zhao, yanfei liu, yingda du, zhenxiang yu, Xia Chen. dsDNA-coated Quantum Dot Hybridization Probes. BIOTECHNIQUES, 2011, 50:259-261.

4. Huaibin Shen, Changhua Zhou, ShaSha Xu, Cailan Yu, Hongzhe Wang, Xia Chen, and Lin Song Li “Phosphine-Free Synthesis of Zn1-xCdxSe / ZnSe/ ZnSexS1-x /ZnS Core/Multishell Structures with Bright and Stable Blue–Green Photoluminescence”. J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21,6046-6053 DOI:10.1039/C0JM03605F.

5. SHEN Huai-bin, XING Ming, LI Lin-song, WANG Hong-zhe, CHEN Xia “Synthesis of Zinc-Blende CdTe Nanocrystals and Facile Shape Con-version from Multipods to Dot-shaped Particles”, Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2011, 27(5):739-741.


Five synergistic activities:

 • Given a talk on “medicinal plant resources of Changbai Mountain and ecological civilization” at Changbai Mountain International Ecological Forum in 2013;
• Written a report “implementation plan of Changbai Mountain biodiversity conservation project” for Jilin Province 2012;
• Established the laboratory of “national & Local United Engineering Laboratory for Chinese Herbal Medicine Breeding and Cultivation” in National Development and Reform Commission 2012;
• Presided over "establish pool of Rhodiola sachalinensis germplasm gene resources and demonstration study on wild population rejuvenation " project in 2011;
• Presided over “changbai mountain protection and development zone sustainable development experimental area plan” project in 2008.


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