WU Yongge



 WU Yongge,Ph.D.

Professor, School of Life Science, Jilin University

email: ygwu@jlu.edu.cn



Life Science Building, Jilin University, Qianjin Street No.2699,Changchun, P. R. China,

Postal Code:130012

Scientific research field description

1.Genetic engineering medicine: Study and development on bioactive proteins and peptides by genetic engineering technolgy, that is construction of expression system and vectors, purification technology of expression product, establishment of product quality controlling procedure, and evaluation of medicine function.

2. Genetic engineering vaccine and gene therapy: Study and development on vaccines by biological engineering technolgy, mainly, including protein subunits vaccines and DNA vaccines; In additional, study on gene therapy by molecular biology and transgene technology.


Representative papers

1. Ye Duan,Tie-jun Gu,Chun-lai Jiang,Ruo-sen Yuan, Hua-fei Zhang, Hong-jia Hou,Xiang-hui Yu, Yan Chen, Yong Zhang, Yong-ge Wu, Wei Kong∗. A novel disulfide-stabilized single-chain variable antibody fragment against rabies virus G protein with enhanced in vivo neutralizing potency. Molecular Immunology2012,51(2):188-96

2. Tie-jun Gu, Wei Wei, Ye Duan1,Chun-lai Jiang, Yan Chen, Xiang-hui Yu, Jia-xin Wu,Yong-ge Wu* and Wei Kong*. Identification of Binding Epitope for Anti-Rabies Virus GlycoproteinSingle-Chain Fv Fragment FV57. Protein & Peptide Letters, 2011, 18, 1099-1106

3. You, Qingrui; Jiang, Chunlai; Kong, Wei*; Wu, Yongge*. Attempted immunotherapy for Mycobacterium tuberculosis with viral and protein vaccines based on Ag85B-ESAT6 in a mouse model. Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica, 2012,59 (1), pp. 63–75.

4. Qingrui You, Yongge Wu, Dehua Jiang, Yang Wu, Changyong Wang, Wei Wei, Xianghui Yu, Xizhen Zhang, Wei Kong, and Chunlai Jiang. Immune responses induced by heterologous boosting of recombinant bacillus Calmette-Guerin with Ag85B-ESAT6 fusion protein in levamisole-based adjuvant. Immunol Invest. 2012,41(4):412-28.
5. Sun Tianxu, Wu Yongge*, Yu Xianghui, Jiang Chunlai, Jin Yinghua, Cheng Yue, Kong Wei*, Construction of High Expression plasmid of human augmenter of liver regeneration(hALR), expression and purification of hALR, CHEM. RES.CHINESE U., 2006,22(2):201-204. 
6. Yong-Ge Wu, Wen-Yang Chen, Zi-Wei Zhang, Gui-Zhen Yang, Wei Li and Ronald G.Duggleby. Biochemical characterization of two mutants of human pyruvate dehydrogenase, F205L and T231A of the E1alpha subunit. J.Inherit.Metab. Dis. 2003.26(1):671-674
7. Yong-Ge Wu, S.Linda Widjaja, Chang-Yi Huang, Wei Li, Peter F.Nixon, Ronald G.Duggleby. Congenital Lactic Acidosis: Evaluation of the Properties of the A199T Natural Variant of Human Pyruvate Dehydrogenase E1α by in Vitro Mutation. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 2001.72(3):269-272
8. Yong-Ge Wu, Alan K.Chang, Peter F.Nixon, Wei Li and Ronald G.Duggleby. Mutagenesis at Asp-27 of pyruvate decarboxylase from Zymomonas mobilis:Effect on its ability to form acetoin and acetolactate. European Journal of Biochemistry,2000. 267(11):6493-6500, 



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