“吉大学子全球胜任力提升计划 ”系列讲座暨星空学术系列讲座 (第19场):Exploring the world of lipids
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报告题目:Exploring the world of lipids

报告人:Dr Yanfei (Jacob) Qi


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Dr Yanfei (Jacob) Qi is an emerging lipid biologist. He is heading the Lipid Cell Biology Laboratory and an Associate Faculty at the Centenary Institute, University of Sydney, Australia. Dr Qi is currently the Deputy President of the Australian Association of Chinese Biomedical Scientists, and he is also appointed as a Foreign Expert by COFCO, China.

Dr Qi commenced his research career at the Sydney Pharmacy School, the University of Sydney, followed by research training at the Graduate School of Endocrinology, Kyoto University, Japan. Dr Qi obtained his PhD at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. More recently, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Dr Qis research is focused on the lipid metabolic causes of chronic human diseases, including diabetes, fatty liver, liver cancer and atherosclerosis. He is also committed to identifying novel commercialisable lipid biomarkers for disease risk prediction and evaluating the lipidemic impacts of diet on human health. Dr Qi has received six research grants in the past three years, including NHMRC Project Grant, NHMRC Ideas Grant, NSW Health Cardiovascular Research Grant and Centenary Future Leader Fellowship.

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