Computational Methods in Bacterial Bioinformatics: omic data mining and modeling
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报告题目:Computational Methods in Bacterial Bioinformatics: omic data mining and modeling


报告人:马勤  博士

Assistant research scientist, group leader

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular biology,University of Georgia









He will take a tenure-track assistant professor position at South Dakota State University in August, 2015. He was trained as a mathematician with a Ph.D. in operations research (focusing on graphical modeling and combinatorial optimization); and has been working in a bioinformatics lab for six years. His technical strength is in developing combinatorial optimization techniques and data mining and modeling with the advent of high-throughput Omics technologies. Until now, he has published 25 papers on reputed bioinformatic journals; and has gained substantial experience in developing and applying advanced software techniques / web databases in carrying out bioinformatics research in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic areas. Through independent investigation and collaborative studies with numerous biologists, he has gained general knowledge and developed a strong and long-term interest in (1) characterization of bacterial genomic organization and (2) elucidation of metabolic networks and associated regulatory systems.


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