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报告题目:Advanced mass spectrometry method to probe DNA/RNA  oligonucleotide folding, self-assembly, and interactions with cations/ligands

报告人:Valérie Gabelica, Univ. Bordeaux, France

报告题目:Chemistry and Biology of Nucleotide- and Nucleic Acid-binding Proteins

报告人:汪寅生 (Yinsheng Wang), University of California, Riverside


Valérie Gabelica
              ARNA (Inserm U1212/CNRS UMR5320/Univ. Bordeaux);
              Institut Europ
éen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB);

              2 rue Robert Escarpit, 33607 Pessac;

             2010 Quinquennial prize "Louis d'Or" (Chemical Sciences), Royal Society of Sciences, Liège, Belgium;
2018 Prix du Dr. et de Mme Henri Labbé (French Academy of Sciences chemical biology prize).

               Prof. Gabelica has published 130 articles in journals such as J. Am. Chem. Soc. and Nucleic Acids Res..

•      Mass spectrometry as a biophysics method: detection, quantification and characterization of the assemblies and structures formed by nucleic acids.

•      Structure-function relationships in nucleic acids. Nucleic acid small molecule interactions (therapeutic or diagnostic applications). G-quadruplex structures, aptamers, riboswitches.

•      Application to other supramolecular or biological complexes.

•      Multidisciplinary approache: physics instrumentation, bioanalytical chemistry, biophysics, structural biology.

           汪寅生 (Yinsheng Wang)

              Distinguished Professor and Director of Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program;

              Donald T. Sawyer Endowed Founders Chair in Chemistry, University of California, Riverside


       2013 Biemann Medal from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

              2018 EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Mass Spectrometry.


        主要从事质谱分析在生物医学中的应用。包括化学蛋白质组学、DNA损伤和修复、表观遗传学、环境毒理学等。主持和参与了20 多项美国NIH等资助项目。已在Nature Chemical Biology, PNAS, JACS等学术期刊上发表原始研究和综述论文200余篇。

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